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We provide web design, custom web application and IT Services for our clients. We can help your business grow and reach more customers with the power of web and internet. Let us help your business with all its software and technologies needs. We strive to provide the best possible product, service and also the experience for the whole process. Our belief is about customer satisfaction. We are currently based in Medan, North Sumatra – Indonesia.

Ready To Be Different?

We specialize in providing customized products for every unique customer. We also interested in all the challenges that our customer will provide in order to fulfill their needs. We believe every problems that our customer face and try to solve we will be there to help solving their problem and makes their everyday life cycle or business cycle easier and more efficient.

If you think you have challenging task to solve and need helps then we are the answer for you.

Web Design


We build and design your website using the latest technologies and optimize. Our goal is to make our customer’s website easy to navigate and discover from the search engine.



We are dedicated to offer you the best hosting server with NO bandwidth/storage limitation, 99.99% availability, USA based and highest quality security layer to protect your website from any malicious threat.

Custom Software System


With our Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) team, our customer can rest assured that they will get the best quality software specifically built according to their needs.



We believe in ongoing and dedicated support team. Every customers will get the highest and unmatched services from our company.

Our Latest Portfolio

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